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Golden Eagle Shotokan Karate

In May of 2015, Hanshi Vincent Cruz, director of the International San Ten Karate Association,
awarded Justin Sensei the rank of Menkyo Kaiden. Congratulations, Sensei! We are proud and fortunate
to be your students.

Menkyo kaiden is a Japanese term meaning "license of total transmission." It is a license that is used by a school,
koryū meaning that the student has learned everything and passed all aspects of his/her training within the koryū.

In the menkyo system of licenses, the menkyo kaiden is the highest level of license that exists under the menkyo system.
Advancement of license is not determined by years spent learning, but how well one masters the discipline.
However, the transition from menkyo to kaiden require usually at least thirty years' experience. A holder of menkyo kaiden is
often, but not always, the de facto successor to the sōke of the koryū.

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Biography of Justin Kyoshi

Justin Butler Kyoshi and three students started Golden Eagle Shotokan in 1986.
Justin has been studying Shotokan since 1982. He keeps the class count low
in order to be able to give more attention to the students as they progress.
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Sensei Mike

Biography of Mike Sensei

Sensei Mike Sullivan began his Martial Arts Journey in 1978 with a couple of years studying
Tae Kwan Do at a local recreation center in Aurora Colorado. After dabbling in some Judo and Tai Chi
over the years he began the study of Shotokan Karate under Kyoshi Justin Butler in 1993.
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Current Events
With the holiday season once again upon us, the school will be closed for two weeks in December and January for Christmas vasationon. FroFrom all of us at Golden Eagle Shotokan, have a very merry Christmas, safe New Year, and an alla pleasant holidy season!